St John the Evangelist Anglican Church Oakmont PA.

Pastoral Care and Spirtual Direction

Our parish offers a variety of pastoral care services including Individual, Family, Couples, and Bereavement. Please contact the Rector to schedule an initial appointment. For appropriate situations, professional counseling can also be arranged. Spiritual Direction, by contrast, is a mutual, intentional journey of two souls, director and directee, toward a deeper meaning and more fervent discipleship. If you desire Direction or wish to know more about it, please contact the Rector.

Sacrament of Confession

All are welcome to meet with a priest to discuss preparation for confession. In the Anglican tradition, sacramental confession is not a requirement, not a burden nor something to be fearful of but rather an INVITATION to be reconciled and to foster an ever-closer relationship with God. Our credo is, “all may, some should, none must.” While there are no regular “hours,” the Sacrament of Reconciliation is always available by appointment. No person who has ever sincerely prepared an examination of conscience, has “gone to confession” and has completed their penance has regretted it. Please contact the Rector if you desire to make sacramental confession.


Both parties (bride and groom) must be baptized, professed Christians and at least one must be an active, communicant member of this parish. Please contact the Rector at least six months prior to the intended date. Special proceedings are often necessary but available to those who have been married previously.


Baptisms are normally conducted during Sunday services on four particular occasions during the Church Year but can be administered on any Sunday or indeed at any time. Especially in the case of grave illness, clergy may be contacted 24 hours a day using the emergency number. To arrange a Sunday Baptism, please contact the Rector or Curate.


The parish family of St. John the Evangelist is here for you during your time of need. In the event of grave illness or the death of a family member, please call the Rector day or night. For non-parishioners who desire a traditional Anglican burial service, this can also be arranged.