St John the Evangelist Anglican Church Oakmont PA.

Missions Committee

St. John’s is excited to announce some events for this coming year. We want to give our adults and youth the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of ways within our community, our city, our state and globally. We are going to volunteer at Faith Ranch in the month of May. It is a 4500 acre Christian camp in Jewitt, Ohio. We are hoping to take our youth to food banks and will continue to work with the homeless shelters. We are planning to work with the Pittsburgh Project on various needs throughout the coming year. We will also look into the Appalachian area for volunteer needs in the summer. We are working with the outreach committee on a water program and will update the congregation on various opportunities that may rise from this wonderful endeavor. I hope to have others join this committee and share in the many benefits of service. We hope to have this become an intergenerational committee, allowing our youth to possibly take a lead in giving back.